Eaton Towers helps communities and businesses become and stay connected in Africa.

The demand for mobile data connectivity is increasing dramatically across our chosen markets. We aim to provide the necessary passive infrastructure for our customers (mobile and data network operators) to be able to service this increase in demand. We provide space and power on our towers, typically under 10-year agreements, to help operators increase both coverage and capacity, placing tower companies in the middle of the wireless communication value chain.

We believe that we are the sole independent provider (with no mobile operator shareholding) of wireless infrastructure tower sites in our countries of operation. Our expertise in building, upgrading and operating tower sites allows us to assist our customers in providing a better service at a reduced cost. Our portfolio of over 5000 sites are well situated to meet current network needs and are designed to be able to accommodate future capacity and backhaul demands.

Eaton Towers is the only tower company in Niger and Burkina Faso. We are also the largest tower company (by number of towers) in Kenya and second largest tower company in Uganda and Ghana. We offer diversified revenues from five African countries and have a market-leading position in three of the five markets we operate in.