At Eaton Towers, we have a broad and customisable service offering to cater for any of our customers’ demands. Our range of services includes:


Build-to-suit towers
Building a bespoke tower to cater for a specific customer demand. Eaton Towers has a growing portfolio of build to suit towers constructed for our customers in locations typically suitable for multiple tenants.


Leasing space on one of our existing towers. This allows our customers rapid and cost-effective access to the market by levering Eaton Towers’ existing portfolio of sites in high coverage locations.


In-building solutions
Tailored indoor coverage solutions for large-scale buildings such as office blocks and shopping malls. Eaton Towers designs each project to improve coverage for the building’s tenants or customers, where traditional tower-based solutions are not appropriate or commercially viable.


Small cells
Multiple low-powered short-range radio access nodes to provide high-bandwidth connectivity. As data demand increases, Eaton Towers is well placed to partner with and assist our customers in rolling out cutting edge telecommunications infrastructure.


Sale and leaseback
Acquisition of legacy towers from an operator and subsequent lease back to the former owner. Eaton Towers’ customers benefits from an upfront capital release and lower ongoing service costs as we optimise and streamline the day-to-day running of their sites.


Managed services
Active management of towers belonging to our customers. As with sale and leaseback, Eaton Towers can provide lower ongoing service costs as we optimise and streamline the day-to-day running of the site, however the customer retains ownership of the infrastructure.