Health and Safety
Eaton Towers recognises the primary business driver of safeguarding and promoting the health and safety of its employees, contractor's employees and of all those, including members of the public, who may be affected by our work.

Through the scope of Eaton Towers' operations, employees work in a safe and healthy environment where precautions are taken to minimise risk and reduce accidental injury, damage and losses. Compliance to safety policies are of the utmost importance coupled with availability of adequate supervision, training and equipment. Management and Staff actively strive towards reducing risk and ensuring safe and healthy working conditions both in house and on site.

The minimum health and safety standards acceptable to the business are those required by relevant legislation and authoritative guidance. These requirements are met, and enhanced where long-term business or stakeholder interests can be improved. We are striving to make Eaton Towers the contractor of choice and position ourselves at the forefront of best practice in Africa, and influence others accordingly.

The Chief Executive Officer and Directors of Eaton Towers fully endorse the above policy statement and all the requirements of the Eaton Towers Health and Safety Programme.