The Environment
Protecting the environment is an obligation - not a choice. Our philosophy is that the quality of air, water and soil should be protected for the continued benefit of all ecosystems so that the needs of present and future generations are protected.

Acting responsibly with due regard to the effect of all operations and products on the environment takes priority with each project engagement. Eaton judiciously limits environmental impact of its activities by:

  1. Managing and using land, raw materials and resources responsibly.
  2. Monitoring and auditing the environmental performance of operations and activities according to the ISO 14001 environmental management approach.
  3. Conforming to environmental legislation.
  4. Implementing an Environmental Management Programme as well as other requirements.
  5. Adopting the best affordable technology to prevent or manage negative impacts on the environment.
  6. Practicing the reduction, recovery and recycling of waste materials and the rehabilitation of disturbed land.
  7. Promoting continual improvement in environmental management performance.
  8. Promoting environmental awareness and responsibility among employees, customers and suppliers.