Own. Operate. Share.

Why Eaton Towers?

Eaton Towers is a leading African tower company.

Eaton's founders and senior executives have built up some of the most successful telecoms operators in Africa over the last 15 years with Orange, Vodafone and Celtel. Today Eaton Towers is a successful independent tower company offering tower sharing on more than 5000 towers (pro forma for agreed acquisitions) in Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa and 3 other countries. Where new infrastructure is needed we invest and build towers to lease to mobile network operators.

Why Towers?

Tower sharing is a proven business model in the US, India, Indonesia and increasingly Africa. Global tower investors include Capital International, KKR, Providence and Soros funds, all of which have recognised that tower companies offer a very compelling growth opportunity in emerging markets. The major operators across Africa have all realised that tower sharing is now an essential strategy to reduce their operating costs and refocus on their customer service offerings.

Why Africa?

Africa is the world's fastest growing telecoms market. African GDP per capita is forecast to grow at more than 4.6% a year over the next 5 years. Seven of the world's ten fastest growing economies to 2015 are forecast to be in Africa (IMF). The population of Africa is more than 1 billion people, with a growing middle class and increasingly attractive political and business environment.

Tower sharing in Africa is rapidly increasing, with the proportion of towers in independent companies increasing from 10% to over 30% in the last two years. Yet Africa still requires at least 50,000 additional towers in the next 5 years, equating to some $7.5billion of capex.

The African tower market is evolving in a similar way to which it did in India, where tower companies control much of the country's infrastructure on behalf of operators. The Indian telecom tower industry evolved from a 100% operator-captive model in 2006 to an 85% operator-independent model as of 2010 (KPMG).